Leigh Sports Massage

At Leigh Sports Massage we specialise in muscular injury and dysfunction. As in the name many people are lead to believe that this type of massage is purely for people who partake in sports. This however is very untrue and unfortunately whether you are digging in the garden or running the marathon none of us are exempt to muscle tightness and strains.

Sports massage encourages realignment of the muscle fibres, can help to reduce scar tissue, reduces trigger points (knots in the muscle) which can help restore muscular balance and aid towards restoring muscular function and most of all can reduce pain.

At Leigh sports massage the emphasis is and has been on treating specific problems chronic pain and injury. However I encourage people become more bodily aware and to take a look at their posture. Posture is not self correcting and without awareness will only get worse. I believe posture is a lot more than looking good, I believe that it gives a big insight to overall health.

A FREE POSTURE CHECK will be given to each patient that comes in to the clinic. To find out how to book for your FREE POSTUREPRO CHECK, contact us now using the Contact link above.

I have been involved in massage therapy for the past 7 years and have worked with people of all ages as I aforementioned none of us are exempt from muscular injury and massage can help with the following complaints.  We also specialise in other massage treatments, click below to find out more about these treatments of which you can view information via the links on the above menu.   A full consultation will be taken at the beginning of the treatment and we will make sure the treatment you are receiving is what YOU want and is right for YOU.

We are based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex and thus cover Leigh and surrounding areas such as Southend and Westcliff. Our treatment rooms are located within the Leigh Clinic at 84 Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea